The old MPS System did let you control almost anything you want but it seemed that we designed a tool far too complicated for the average new Zealand market. So we discontinued the MPS system and designed the Easy Control system which gives you almost the same control as the MPS System but in a much more easy to operate version and it  works with all kinds of amplifiers. Our new Easy Control systems are pre-amplifiers for audio distribution in buildings like Clubs, Bars and Restaurants as well as Schools, Offices, Hospitals and Resthomes. 
Our Control pre-amplifiers are easy to operate custom made devices.
Contact us for details. We make your sound system operational for any staff member.
Delta Audio Easy Control Audio

8 Inputs to 8 Outputs audio matrix system, designed for the Waihi Beach RSA

As you can see, the operation is as simple as it gets. Choose your room, select your audio source (CD or Laptop etc...) and adjust tone and volume. 2 microphones can be used to make announcements which will override the music. For some parts you can take the override function out.

On top of the controller is one of the 12 amplifiers (4 to 6 amplifiers in one unit) which control the rooms or zones in and around the building. Remote controls can be used so that basically any zone can be turned into a separate sound system via a remote control box by using the main system.

This system is very flexible, easy to operate and easy to install as it requires only a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to connect a remote control box besides the usual speaker wiring which can be done low impedance (recommended) or 100V wiring. (depending on amplifiers used)

All front and rear panels are customized as per briefing with the customer, so it is a very personal system, tailored to customers needs.

Installers welcomed