Keep it simple, keep it analog!!!

 Finally we have put out the first MRA-4 in it's current design and hope you will like it.We think that a stereo unit and all accessories are still part of the furniture and part of your lifestyle. Not a cold metal block or a cheap and nasty looking plastic box. We remembered the good old fashioned 70's designs and have been inspired by them. The result is now here as the first MRA-4. A low cost small Multiroom Audio System in one ultra compact enclosure. This is a real power packet and like all Delta Audio Engineering products, fully analog and proudly made in New Zealand.

Multiroom Audio
The MRA-4 is Delta Audio Engineering's smallest Multiroom Audio System with a new push button select control and LED indicationUltra Compact, will fit nicely in any environment.

4 x 15W at 8 Ohm or 4 x 20W at 4 Ohm

(we have reduced the 4 Ohm power)

Frequency response according to DIN 45500 HiFi:

20Hz - 20kHz

Bass: +/- 12dB

Treble: +/- 12dB

THD: 0.01%

Weight: 4.6Kg


Width 270mm, Height 160 mm, Depth 185mm

 4 Audio sources can be connected to the MRA-4, this can be anything like a CD player, a Tuner, a DVD player, iPod

or a computer, anything that produces a sound, it's your choice.

For each room, you can choose your audio source by pushing the Select button until the LED for the Input of your

choice lights up. Then you can adjust your Volume and your Tone Controls (Bass and Treble).

If you like a remote Volume Control in a room, you press the Remote active button, a red indicator will light up and the

Volume can be altered from a Volume panel on the wall in the particular room. In this mode, the Volume Control on the

unit is out of order. To stop the remote wall volume control working, simply press and release the remote active button

at the main system. The red indicator will go off.

Having now four different rooms with individual control over 4 different sound sources, giving users the possibility of

listening to a CD in the bedroom, radio in the kitchen TV sports on the deck or just something else somewhere else at

the same time. This system extends to as many rooms as you like.

And by the way, if you don't like people "playing" with your wall mount Volume Control, just turn the Remote active at

the system OFF and you only can adjust the volume from the system itself.